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We develop hyper-personalized size recommendation technology to help you find your perfect clothing size and make fashion e-commerce more sustainable.


No more ordering multiple sizes, no more time-consuming returns.

SizeRight is pleased to help you find your perfect clothing size for any item that you order online.

And of course... All for free!


Ensure high profit margins while meeting your sustainability goals.

What SizeRight can offer you

Controlling and decreasing the return flow is stated as one of the biggest challenges facing the fashion e-commerce industry. Size/fit plays a role in 70% of all returns. Therefore, we are developing a mobile app that lets consumers easily scan their relevant body measurements. Our AI will compare the body measurments with your size charts to recommend them the best fitting size.

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Enhance customer experience and increase conversion rates

Uncertainty about fit and size is still the number one reason witholding consumers from buying clothes online.

Decrease operational expenditures

Logistics providers, distribution centra, CS teams: these are all cost bearers when an item gets returned.

Optimise production planning

Understanding the real size distribution of your customers helps you to better forecast demand and optimise production of your next clothing line.

Decrease carbon footprint

Through reducing returns, direct and indirect carbon emissions are decreased and wasted materials from items that cannot be resold are minimised.


Industrywide return rates


Due to wrong size or fit

€ 14

Costs per returned package

500 gr

Unnecessary CO2 emissions per returned package

Meet our team

Spanning multiple nationalities and coming from different backgrounds, but all with a connection to Delft.

Thomas Bos
MSc. TU Delft
Maleen Hiestermann
MSc. TU Delft
Ali Faruk Yücel
BSc. TU Delft

Our values



We believe your data is yours and at SizeRight your privacy is our highest concern. We incorporate privacy by design and we vow to never sell your personal data, not now and not in the future ;)



Our goal is to make both environmental as well as social impact. We consider this at the heart of everything we do <3



Innovation is what makes our techie hearts beat. We lead the way for our clients and users so that they can focus on what matters most to them, creating and rocking extraordinary looks.

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